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How do I join Hilltown Riders?
To begin the process, please visit our Interested in Joining page and select Join. Fill in your information and submit. A volunteer board member will review your information and, if all is correct, you will be approved.
What are the membership fees?
A membership is $200.00 for the household per year. The Membership year is from May 1st to April 30th. If you volunteer to help out with trail maintenance and/or other club activities, you may receive a discount the following year. A membership includes everyone under the age of 25 living in a single household.
Can I ride - 2 up on an ATV?
ATVs factory designed for two persons are allowed on the property and may be used by a rider and passenger. ATVs which have been modified by attaching a rear seat are not allowed to be used with a passenger.
Does the club participate in area events?
Yes, we attend events such as arenacross, motocross and county fairs, along with other OHV events occurring in the Capital Region to promote the club. Through our members only forum we have organized trips to major trail systems including Hatfield McCoy, the VASA system, and New Hampshire.
Does the machine need to be registered and insured?
Hilltown Riders requires a copy of your ATV insurance.
Are helmets required?
Yes, helmets are required for anyone riding! This includes all passengers riding in SxS machines.

Helmets MUST be DOT approved. 
Do you have many trails?
There are many marked trails and more to come!
How long are the trails?
Hilltown has 2 properties totaling just over 1500 acres. Trails are always being developed.
How difficult are the trails?
Trails are marked easy, medium and difficult.
Are the trails kid machine friendly?
Yes, the easy trails work fine with the smaller children’s machines.
Can I visit the trails before I join?
The only time non-members are allowed on the trails is during an open house event. There are no events planned for 2021
In what part of NY are trails located?
Our trails are located 20 minutes west and 60 minutes north of Albany